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In the past two weeks, Solana has had a jump of 40%. SOL current price gain is happening amidst an increased trading volume of almost 20% over the last 24hrs.

After hitting the 2022 lowest price, the support level at $77.69 on February 24, Solana bulls seem to have come back as in the early hours today, Solana price climbed towards $122 with a gain of 5%. At the time of reporting Solana has slightly slipped down as its trading at $111.2 with a decrease of 0.24% in the last 24hrs.

Solana started experiencing the bullish trend on March 15 and it has gained more than 40% in its value. The daily chart below depicts the daily prices heading towards a resistance level of $122.

Investors are continuing to book profit and with this action, there are high chances that Solana might be pulled back towards its support level at $102.34 and if the currency gets pulled even further, the price might also drop to the $92.35 support level. Through buyers making a comeback, we could see SOL with a bullish moment, the chances for this to happen are very rare.

If the bulls manage to push Solana upward, the price will have a resistance barrier at $136. But if Bitcoin sees a bearish pull, then there is a high chance that major altcoins, along with Solana, will take a downward turn.

OpenSea To Support Solana NFTs!

The current bullish cycle also points towards a retracement before the next breakout. This is happening especially after one of the biggest NFT platforms, OpenSea announced support for Solana NFTs.

OpenSea which is popularly known for Ethereum based NFTs, now with the inclusion of Solana NFTs into the platform, makes SOL the fourth Blockchain to receive support after Polygon and Katyln.

2 thoughts on “Will Solana (SOL) Price Hit $122 By Weekend With OpenSea Integration

  1. A while ago the majority opinion seemed to be “you’d be an idiot not to wait until whenever it launches on the ETH mainnet, it’s obviously going to pump when it’s more accessible”.

    I don’t necessarily disbelieve that that pump will happen when it’s on the mainnet, but at least for me for me these days I’m probably just going to check it once every couple months and once it’s close to all time high I’ll re-search the latest post someone made detailing the now-convoluted process of actually exchanging them for anything and start trickling them out. Moonbag of course, but eeeh if that bag’s worth $300 I’m not gonna get greedy and put all my chips on that mainnet rollout happening soon and/or smoothly.

    But I’m curious if more than one or two people looked at a decent stack of moons in the last few weeks and actually decided to change their mind and cash out while the price was where it was. I don’t regret being to lazy to do that since for me it wouldn’t have been enough for much more than a pizza or something (and I’ll be damned if I make that mistake), but I realize if I had like 20k+ moons that would have been something I’d actually have to sit down and seriously consider.

  2. We are often very impatient and therefore everyone of us gets this infamous FOMO feeling no matter if we are in a Bear or Bull Market at the moment.

    One of the key elements that you need to uncover is the hard truth of Time being your best friend in investing. You will rarely make big and important decisions in a short timeframe and actually profit from them. Yes, it happens, but there is a lot of luck involved and wherever luck is a crucial factor then its more a gamble than a smart calculated investment.

    Why is Time important and why it is your best friend?

    DYOR is the most important part once you start investing and creating your strategy, and its very important to investigate and research potential projects in detail and you need to invest TIME and effort into it to increase your chances of success.

    You need time to track the sentiment of your tokens and to track important updates that are happening.

    Time is needed to learn the basics and to follow trends that are happening in this particular space.

    It takes time to build a great strategy and to take profits. Longterm is always better than shorterm as this will reduce the risks of failure dramatically!

    Take your time and treat it as a friend. Don't fall for FOMO and for the bullshit stories of a quick success…these are very very rare.

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