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GTA fans may trade their game console for a VR set to experience the Sin City Metaverse. A new Rated-R metaverse on Polygon filled with violence and gore. Learn more about this high-potential metaverse project.


  • What Is Sin City Metaverse?
  • What Makes Sin City Metaverse Unique?
  • Partners & Team
  • Tokenomics

What Is Sin City Metaverse?

As gaming metaverses are on the rise, projects compete harder to be different. Sin City Metaverse is a Rated-R metaverse built on Polygon like no other. In addition, the game will resemble Grand Theft Auto (GTA) style gaming with voice and text chat features to get players the augmented reality experience. With casinos, crimes laced with violence, and gore, this play-to-earn gaming metaverse aims to let players become the ultimate Kingpin creating their empire. 

The 17 districts in Sin City Metaverse are inspired by different controversial crime cities worldwide. There are 15,000 parcels of land for sale within the districts, where owners or renters can create buildings such as nightclubs and more to generate revenues. 

Each district is ruled by one faction. Landowners are encouraged to join that faction to survive in their neighborhood. Like other metaverses, all the assets such as avatars, clothing, weapons, land, and more are NFTs. Players can socialize, develop conquests, start business ventures, and play many games in the Sin City Metaverse. 

What Makes Sin City Metaverse Unique?

Apart from the Rated-R features mentioned above, Sin City Metaverse created Sin City Foundation to monetize its concept and ecosystem extensively. Funds from token sales will be used by the Sin City Foundation to invest in limited partnerships with other high-potential gaming, gambling, and NFT projects. In addition, there will be land allocated for these projects to host games, events, and more. This is done to attract more users and introduce existing users to Sin City Foundation’s new investment projects.

Sin City Metaverse Land Map


Partners & Team

Sin City Metaverse has many partnerships. However, their primary partners are Vanilla Networks and Vulcan Forge. Vanilla Network has an existing betting decentralized application (dApp) on the Polygon Network and a strong gamer community. They are developing the casino in the Sin City Metaverse. Vulcan Forge is a well-established game studio in the blockchain gaming space. They are the primary developer of the part of the game that uses the Unity engine

Other partnerships include Arcade Network, TDeFi, Polygon, whiteBit, and more.

According to the whitepaper, the team consists of Rutherford, Marouane, Constantine, and Catalin. Apart from Marouane, the Chief Executive Officer and managing the core team of Vanilla Network, there was no other specific information on the team’s experience in the blockchain space. 



Launch in October of 2021, SIN is a multi-chain token initially deployed on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20). It will be the primary token used in Sin City except for Vanilla Network’s VNLA token. VNLA and SIN will be used in Vanilla’s Casino inside the Sin City Metaverse. 

SIN does not have a built-in burning protocol. However, the project states that there will be periodic burning of the token in the future. SIN can be stake for rewards as well.

Token Distribution:

  • 20% Staking Rewards
  • 15% Marketing
  • 15% Game Development
  • 13.75% Ecosystem (Sin City Foundation)
  • 10% Team
  • 8.5% Private Sale
  • 6% Seed Round
  • 5% Advisors
  • 5% Treasury
  • 1.75% Public Sale



The idea of a GTA-style gaming metaverse seems quite thrilling, but it can also be an issue. Being Rated-R and gambling involved means that the metaverse is limited to a particular age group and player market. Another issue is the team’s transparency. Each team member’s picture and first name are given but not their last name or other specific information. There is also not much information on the team on different internet platforms such as LinkedIn. Lastly, the metaverse is still in development and estimated to release in the fourth quarter of 2022. With the metaverse still not yet completed, we shall continue to watch the progress of this unique metaverse with many potentials.

Where To Buy SIN?

You can purchase SIN through PancakeSwap, Bitgit, and Hotbit similar to how you would buy another cryptocurrency. You can either place a market buy or a limit buy. With a limit buy, you determine the price you are willing to pay, and your order gets filled once the token price reaches your limit price. If you want to get your hands on the token quickly, you can place a market order, where you agree to pay the current price and have your order filled almost immediately.

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2 thoughts on “What Is Sin City Metaverse?

  1. As I said. I complained as good as anyone about this (and I don’t even have a big Cro bag) but as I said in another post. If something looks to good to be true, it probably is. 20% staking rewards on a stable coin was definitely too good to be true in long run and some of the rewards on CDC felt a bit “toppy” as well.

    Now i’m not defending how CDC went about the changes. It was a dumpster fire that hit loyal supporters harder than needed and then to roll back some changes after damage was done, was a lesson in why you should get it right first time. However, 2 weeks is a long time in crypto and having seen the events of the past week, i’m starting to at least empathise with CDC’s need to operate in a sustainable way, because let’s face it. Them going bust would wreck us all pretty hard I imagine, whether you hold Cro or any other coin with them or not

  2. I have been in the sphere since 2016 and have seen a few crypto winters, and the recovery afterwards each time. This time feels different to me.

    Do yall think we will recover as normal and prices will go back up come sometime next year, or do yall also feel different this time around.

    I'd love some takes from newbies and from vets in the field.

    If you see the market recovering, what is your basis? The excuse last time was that not many people had heard about crypto yet, and there was no institutional investment yet. However, this time around most people have become aware of it and there was TONS of institutional investment. What's yalls view??

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