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Registrations are now open for the VERSE token sale, which will begin in the later part of June 2022. Interested parties who register can participate in the token sale immediately upon launch.

Miami, Florida – May 23rd, 2022 – VERSE is the rewards and utility token distributed to holders who participate in the ecosystem. is a global leader in introducing newcomers to cryptocurrency and is the go-to platform for educational resources, news, and more.’s ecosystem includes 30 million wallets and more than five million monthly active users across various products and services.

The VERSE token will reward users who engage in buying, selling, spending, swapping, and staying informed about cryptocurrency. Rewards will be allocated by interacting with the Verse DEX, staking VERSE, cashback paid in VERSE, and using VERSE as collateral in various lending pools. Additionally, token holders will receive access to exclusive products and services.

VERSE is a cross-chain token using the ERC-20 token standard on the Ethereum blockchain. The Verse team will actively explore opportunities to expand the token into low-fee Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible networks to provide an optimal user experience.

The VERSE supply is fixed at 210 billion tokens, distributed over seven years through a block-to-block approach. A further breakdown looks as follows:

  • 10% sold during Sale A (completed in May 2022)
  • 6% being sold during Sale B (coming in June 2022)
  • 15% allocated to the team
  • 35% set aside for ecosystem incentives
  • 34% will be used for funding future development of Verse and its ecosystem

The first token sale raised $33.6 million last month from notable market participants such as, KuCoin, and Digital Strategies along with thought leaders like Roger Ver, Jihan Wu, and David Wachsman.

“We were honored to see such outspoken support during our first token sale round. Furthermore, we could not be more excited about bringing our second token sale to the public and providing more people with access to VERSE. This new utility token marks a crucial milestone for the ecosystem. It will enable us to enhance the mainstream appeal of cryptocurrency and blockchain through our buy/sell services, news coverage, and educational tools” said Dennis Jarvis, CEO

To participate in the upcoming VERSE token sale, interested parties need to register on the Verse website. They will be the first to know when the VERSE token sale is live.

Registrants need an Ethereum wallet – such as the Wallet – to receive the VERSE tokens. Payment for the token sale is possible with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, USDT, and USDC.

The Verse community already counts over twenty-five thousand participants combined across Telegram and Discord. VERSE tokens will be minted following the conclusion of the Verse public sale in July.

The VERSE token sale is not available to U.S. purchasers.


2 thoughts on “Registration For The Upcoming VERSE Token By Bitcoin․com Is Now Open

  1. TL;DR: Solana could literally be replaced with a SQL database at this point; you'd get as much scalability as you want, and there would be no tradeoff in decentralization b/c the chain has none to begin with. People in crypto don't actually want to get rid of the banks; they just want to be the first to get in on the bank that will give them the biggest yields.

    It's been said here before, but Solana is a scam: I knew it from the second I heard the CEO of the development company describe the “network switch model” of “doing one thing (high scalability and throughput for dApps) and doing it well”. Here's my reasoning:

    I work in the tech industry, and I can show you a ledger that can scale faster and for cheaper than Solana right now. Moreover, it's more stable and you'll have next to no problems using it b/c the underlying tech has already been in use since the '70s!

    … It's called a SQL database. It can handle millions of TPS even without complex scaling schemes, and it gets faster as you add more machines to it. You can run pretty much any financial application you want on top of it with no problems b/c, in fact, all of traditional finance is already built on top of it. Instead of using a complex language like Solidity or Rust, devs can literally use JavaScript. You can even log into it with your Facebook account!

    The problem is: What I'm describing is 100% centralized. In fact, it's literally the technical foundation for all centralization of data; it's the bookkeeping layer behind the billions and trillions of dollars that the banks and big tech are screwing people out of every day (the settlement layer, if you will).

    The point I'm getting at is that: If you have a ledger that can be rolled back at the discretion of a central group of authorities, then it's literally a glorified database being run by a glorified bank. If you have no problem with this, then you're in crypto for the wrong reasons; therefore, I suggest it's time to reexamine things.

  2. A bear market for now nearly a year is nothing small and once again showed that even at the highest point euphoria we are still pretty much vincible and can fall off just as quickly. And then obviously the extraordinarily bad macro economy made it one of the worst bear markets ever.

    After all this we actually had many people that bought Bitcoin at $69k and sold it at $17.6k at the worst in just under a year. Once again showing the volatility of Crypto and how things can turn very quickly in this space.

    This is something we should not forget for the next bull run, no matter how high we fly in the bull market we will still fall into a bear market, we wont ever be Invincible.

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