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Gate.io is building on its success and evolving to become a remarkable crypto ecological landscape for its users, its ecosystem encompassing a vast variety of digital assets that collectively offer a feature rich experience to its users. With the 9th anniversary celebrations now kicked off, Gate.io is bringing even more innovative features to its users and updating its brand to continue to deliver quality and offer excellence. Read on to know more about Gate’s ecological map and what is in-store for users as part of its 9th anniversary!

The Ecological Map of Gate.io

One of the several secrets to Gate.io’s success is that it was one of the first to build a comprehensive solution for users on one platform – an ecosystem of digital assets. To date, Gate.io has grown and gone through a developmental curve, updating itself and gaining several achievements based on courageous innovation, being user-centric, and focused on global market improvement. Its wide range of product and service offerings has also led to the rise of the platform’s popularity, with the platform surpassing 10 million users and exceeding $10 billion in daily trading volume.

Founded in 2013, Gate.io is one of the longest-running secure exchanges in the world. Subsequently, it has grown to offer over 1400 cryptocurrencies and become a platform that provides a wealth of trading services to its users. Its portfolio of products includes Startup that allows users to invest in projects early, NFT Magic Box that allows the creation and trading of NFTs – something trendy right now, GateChain, its native blockchain system, and Gate Ventures, the venture capital investment division.

There are many key features of the remarkable Gate.io ecosystem that makes it such a success in today’s market. Along with 1400 cryptocurrencies, it is also available in 400 different crypto markets. The functionality of the platform is something that makes it such a rich user-friendly experience, Gate.io is ripe with features, users can do multiple things on one platform with ease; trade-in cryptocurrency markets, margin trade with 10x leverage, margin lend or borrow funds, participate in period investment plans, invest in Blockchain Projects Discounts via Gate’s Startup platform, perpetual swap contracts and much more.

Gate.io is one of the oldest exchanges and has continued to grow in an increasingly competitive and saturated market and built a reputation for quality deliverance. Gate.io has also successfully positioned itself to be a trading platform for users to trade securely. With the maturity of GateChain – Gate.io’s native blockchain system, the ecological map of Gate.io is becoming more and more complete. Along with the services mentioned earlier, Gate.io also offers other products based on GateChain, including GT, HipoDeFi, Gate Labs, Gate Grants, and others.

9th Anniversary Upgrade

Gate.io’s 9th-anniversary celebrations kicked off in mid-May. To give back to its users, the Gate.io team will be launching exciting new features to reel in more users and retain its existing userbase, including the official Gate.io Lite APP, Mini APP and GameFi, along with upgrading its branding.

Gate.io will launch a notable update to its mobile app that will allow users to opt for a “Lite App” version within its flagship app, offering streamlined and simplified in-app transactions for crypto trading of more than 1,400 coins and other digital assets. In addition, the Lite App’s cleaner, more user-friendly interface makes it even easier for new and existing users to invest and trade quickly and efficiently as they can access a suite of features for different crypto assets on the go.

Gate.io has revealed a revamped brand identity for its logo, slogan, and color scheme, reflecting the culmination of nine years of digital asset innovation since founded in 2013. Gate.io has matured to offer a more inclusive, integrated, and unique experience with a wealth of digital asset services for over 10 million users. The rebranding also marks the beginning of a new chapter for Gate.io in the rapidly evolving and growing crypto economy, which frequently sees the platform reach the second-largest daily trading volume in the world.

Say Hello to the New Logo

Say hello to Gate.io’s new logo unveiled as part of the 9th anniversary celebrations. The blue and green colour combination represents integrity, reliability, and vitality. The colours reflect the brand’s nine year heritage and depict the transformational journey, demonstrating the brand’s progress in technical strength and financial experience. The logo features a 3/4 circle symbol, representing Gate.io‘s open and inclusive attitude with it’s security and stability. It consists of the circle symbol and a creative block element symbolising blockchains that form the initial G standing for Gate.io. This G is the closure of upgrade and the beginning of breakthrough, realising the dream of linking worldwide.

Gate.io believes that the future of the digital world comes from innovation and progress with faith in security. The new brand logo signifies that Gate.io will embrace the booming blockchain era with a new brand image and services.


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One thought on “Gate․io’s Ninth Anniversary: The Remarkable Crypto Ecological Landscape

  1. Hey,

    I’m very interested into the dynamics of “cultures” and the relationship between the creator and user in general. This crypto group (and other) really fascinated me and Im following it since around 2018.

    I talked to 100s of users I could figure a lot of stuff that happened over the past years. Stuff like:

    – Why people put in all their savings

    – Why so many users acted hostile

    – Why it crashes even tho it was easily predictable (Imo)

    – Why people trusted their creators so much and had an unbroken loyalty.

    There is only one thing that I do not understand and this why nearly all of them got away with it!

    Thousands if not millions got scammed with false promises. Lot of NFTs turned into shit. Lots of pump and dump action happened even tho they said they won’t do it etc.

    If this would happen to me, I would go mental. I would try everything to get my money back or at least try to show their true face to the public. Lots of famous youtubers just got away with it and it’s like people forgot what happened to them. This blows my mind. In my opinion all of them should be in jail.

    My theory is:

    I know a lot “crab mentality” is going on here, so everybody is for themselves because crypto is a pyramid scheme, therefore you need a greater fool to make some money.

    So, I believe many people are just ashamed or really disappointed because many investors are very vocal about their Coin/Nfts etc. Some might think that they didnt made some money because they didnt “try” hard enough because others “made” it.

    Which isn’t the case! I saw that many coin creators tried to guilt shame their users after it crashed which is insane to me.

    If you know the answers, please let me know.

    Thank you for reading!

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