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Bentley University, the private university located in Waltham, Massachusetts, has revealed it now accepts digital currencies for tuition payments. Bentley University’s president explained that the school has been “at the forefront in preparing business leaders” and further remarked that the faculty is “proud to embrace” the same technology its students are learning about today.

Bentley University Partners With Coinbase to Accept 3 Digital Currencies

According to an announcement stemming from Bentley’s newsroom, the school of accounting and finance has partnered with Coinbase in order to give students and their families the ability to pay tuition with crypto.

Bentley will accept three crypto assets including bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH), and usd coin (USDC). Bentley president E. LaBrent Chrite explained that the school founded 105 years ago is embracing a technology that may shift the traditional financial landscape entirely.

“Bentley University is at the forefront in preparing business leaders with the skills and knowledge to succeed in the changing world economy,” the university president said in a statement. “We’re proud to embrace this technology that our students are learning about, which will soon transform the global business landscape they’re about to enter.”

Bentley Scholar Says Students ‘Have a Real Interest in Knowing More About Blockchain’

Universities all around the world accept cryptocurrencies including the University of Cumbria in Carlisle, England, the Financial Business School in Paris, France, and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Business School in Spain. Moreover, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland accepts crypto.

In addition to Bentley University in Massachusetts, in the United States King’s College in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, accepts bitcoin as well, and the University of Pennsylvania accepts cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley) accepts crypto asset payments. The Bentley announcement further highlighted a student named Alex Kim who launched the Bentley Blockchain Association.

“Students have a real interest in knowing more about blockchain, decentralized finance, and cryptocurrency investments,” said Kim in the press statement. “These technologies are influencing the industries where they will be working,” the Bentley student added.

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One thought on “Finance School Bentley University Now Accepts Cryptocurrency Payments for Tuition

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