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Micheal van de Poppe, a top crypto analyst, offers his thoughts on the prospect of a new alt season, highlighting three assets that appear to be primed for new breakouts. In a recent video, Van de Poppe informs his 103,000 followers that an alt season could be in the works in the next weeks, despite the brutal late-May correction that saw Bitcoin fall to $30,000.

According to him the whole altcoin market cap is still above the 21-day weekly moving average (21 WMA), indicating that the cryptocurrency bull run is likely not done yet. 

He said that we are still acting above the 21 WMA, implying that we have a good probability of sustaining the uptrend. In their USD and Bitcoin counterparts, many altcoins will set new highs. The fact that the cryptocurrency market cap is currently above the 21 WMA is a very bullish trigger and a nice signal of the momentum we have, implying that we can keep grinding up and that altcoins have a very strong summer ahead of us.

Curve Finance (CRV) Price

Van de Poppe claims that automated market maker Curve Finance (CRV) is on the verge of retaking the 100-day and 200-day moving averages in its Bitcoin pair (CRV/BTC) and continuing its ascent. 

He claimed that CRV is acting in a resistance zone, but he assumes and expects a reversal above the 100 and 200-day moving averages, which will provide support. Then we’ll be able to break out of this accumulating area and make new highs.

KAVA Price

According to the trader, the cross-chain lending platform KAVA is poised to make new yearly highs versus Bitcoin (KAVA/BTC) after falling below the 100 and 200-day moving average indicators. 

He points out that we’re making higher highs and lower lows, and the momentum is shifting… indicating that we’re entering a new KAVA cycle. He went on to say, “We’re recouping our losses”.

Ethereum Price, which is seeking to breach resistance around $2,900, Van de Poppe describes as “the primary momentum indicator for altcoins.” Ethereum appears to be holding the $2,600 support zone well recently, according to the expert, but it needs to break through the $2,900 barrier to continue its ascent toward $3,400. The more the $2,900 resistance is challenged, the weaker it becomes.

One thought on “Curve Finance (CRV) and KAVA Price Poised for Fresh New Highs

  1. Hey guys. So it's as the title says. I'm not looking for sympathy but hoping so other can learn from my mistakes.

    A little background that I'm trying to finish university and live on my own. I know alot of economics, read up alot and was sure the inflation reading would come out hot. So I made a max leveraged short ETH position expecting things to work great. And it did. Initially.

    Within minutes of the 8:30ET release prices absolutely tanked. I considered taking profits but said what the heck the numbers are so bad I must be sure to make a lil extra or at least I won't lose much. What I did NOT expect was prices to skyrocket, as BTC went from barely above 19,000 ripping straight up to 24,000 over the following days. By then I'd lost about 60-70% as the exchange autosold. Then being greedy I tried to short IMX that had me lost another 15ish% and then I got in late to the VGX “recovery/buy-the-dip” bull run after their mess and lost pretty much the rest.

    I've learned alot.

    Traders have a saying “Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent”. The (initial) trade made sense but the market didn't care.

    It sounds obvious but when there's a chance to make a killing there's also a risk to lose it all. It may probably be better to make less risky trades and accumulate profit slowly.

    If shorting, always have enough funds to buy back. Never be stuck where you don't have enough to exit a position.

    There are cheap coins like Uniswap and IMX compared to BTC that give greater proportional gains in a bull market. These can be a blessing and a curse. If you get in just before they drop you lose a lot and vice versa.

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