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Internationally renowned photographer Wing Shya (appointed still photographer of Wong Kar Wai) as Chief Creative Director

BEAM+ LAB has recently joint hands with Mei Ah Entertainment Group to launch the classic movie-themed NFT collectible – CRYPTYQUES. The NFT collectibles were created based on Hong Kong films exclusively authorised by Mei Ah Entertainment Group Limited, a Hong Kong entertainment and distribution company that owns the largest number of copyrights and intellectual property (IP) rights for classic Hong Kong movies with an extensive library of over 600 movies, such as The Silent War (Chinese: 听风者), The Grandmaster (Chinese: 一代宗师) and See You Tomorrow (Chinese: 摆渡人). CRYPTYQUES aims to create an emotional connection with people through NFT products and set the tone for entertainment in the Web3 era, and also create a community and for movie enthusiasts, industry leaders, collectors and artists with a hybrid of online and offline engagement. Members can participate in a vast range of community-exclusive activities, such as movie screenings, film set visits, talks and panel discussions, first access to movie premieres and film festivals.

CRYPTYQUES is curated and led by the renowned Hong Kong-based photographer and director Wing Shya, in collaboration with a Hollywood production crew that participated in movies productions such as X-Men and Transformers. The team uses 3D-animated production techniques to recreate classic moments of Hong Kong movies. Since 1997, Shya has been appointed by Film Director Wong Kar-Wai as still photographer and graphic designer, and began collaborating with WKW on films Happy Together (Chinese: 春光乍泄), In the Mood for Love (Chinese: 花样年华), Eros (Chinese: 爱神) and 2046. Shya was also the first photographer to hold a solo exhibition at the Mori Art Museum in Roppongi Hills, Japan.

Trailer of “Desire” NFT:

CRYPTYQUES is launched by BEAM+ LAB, a Web 3 art transformation hub breathing new life to traditional IPs with technology to set new definitions for entertainment. Since its establishment, BEAM+ LAB has garnered remarkable attention attracting international investors and raised over 2.2M USD for its seed round funding, with lead investors Edvance International (1410.HK) and Mei Ah Capital Holdings, and crypto ventures including Avatar (Avalanche Asia Star Fund), SNZ Capital, Amino Capital and M77 Ventures.

The first drop of the CRYPTYQUES NFT series “Desire” will mint in June 2022. Desire is a set of NFTs composed from 5 different sets, with 4 of them to be available in the format of random mints in June 2022 on CRYPTYQUES’ official website (, and the last to be auctioned as an exclusive 1/1 unique NFT. Amongst all of the NFTs, a certain percentage will hold a PASS trait, and will receive a PASS airdrop. Stay tuned!

The first series will be focus on the “7 Emotions”, including Desire, Fury, Fear, Joy, Bitterness, Loathe and Love. Each of the seven emotions is a collection of NFTs derived and reinterpreted from one of Mei Ah Entertainment Group’s movies. Beginning with the emotion “Desire”, each subsequent drop encapsulates the human emotion depicted in the form of a lost memory fragment.

“Desire” NFT: Nomad

Featuring Leslie Cheung and Kent Tong

To learn more about the offerings, membership programme and opportunity for Whitelist, please join and follow CRYPTYQUES’ official discord and social media platforms for the latest updates.

About company

CRYPTYQUES is Hong Kong classic movie-themed NFT collectible, launched by BEAM+ LAB, a Web 3 art transformation hub breathing new life to traditional IPs with technology to set new definitions for entertainment.

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    Bitcoin is as of writing this at around 19k.

    LINK, ADA, AVAX, FTM (and more), however, have not made new lows this past week. In other words; many are going up in btc value at the time of “highest panic” in the market.

    I'm quite happy with this because I'm balls deep in LINK myself. But I'm wondering what's going on here.

    I've been here since 2013 and I haven't really seen this happen before in this way.

    Could it be that with these coins fair value is being found? I don't know too much about many of them, but this narative could certainly hold for LINK for example.

    Is bitcoin slowly losing (and I have to emphasize slowly here) it's dominance over crypto's with actual value?

    It's like crypto's that actually have something to offer are simply less affected by btc's tantrums now. Which I welcome wholeheartedly.

    I honestly have no idea. I'm just glad I'm not getting F'ed as hard as I thought I would with btc at 19k. …Or maybe it's just a fluke and I'll be crying for my mommy tomorrow morning.

    What does the hive mind think?

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