Tether Reveals USDT Stablecoin Will now be Supported by Polkadot

Tether is now live on 15 alternate blockchain networks, according to the company’ s latest announcement along with Friday as the firm full that it is now supported by often the Polkadot blockchain system. This stablecoin’ s new help and support follows the token simply being added to the Near Process 11 days ago. What is this great further follows Tether is ordered by […]#@@#@!! ...

Coming Protocol Supports Tether USDT, Stablecoin Is Now Hosted attached to 14 Blockchain Networks

On Monday, the stablecoin issuer Tether Operations Short announced that the stablecoin tether is now supported by the In close proximity to blockchain network. Following a handful of recent implementations, Near could be the 14th blockchain network just that hosts the largest stablecoin courtesy of market capitalization. Tether Joins With the Near Protocol Tether has revealed that tether (USDT) is […]#@@#@!! ...

So-Called ‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli Turns ‘Crypto Bro’ — ‘I Started Using Uniswap in Prison’

Following his release from prison, the former hedge fund manager and convicted felon, Martin Shkreli, discussed cryptocurrencies and using the decentralized exchange (dex) platform Uniswap from a federal penitentiary. The so-called ‘Pharma Bro’ further explained that eventually, a crypto entity could dethrone some of the largest banking giants. Martin Shkreli Talks Defi and Cryptocurrencies Martin […] ...

Circle to Issue Weekly USDC Reserve Reports — Tether Publishes May 2022 Assurance Report

The co-founder and CEO of Circle, Jeremy Allaire, has announced the cryptocurrency firm that issues the stablecoin usd coin plans to provide the public with weekly stablecoin reserve reports. Additionally, the company Tether has also released an assurance report on its stablecoin reserves via the Cayman Islands auditing company MHA Cayman. Circle CEO Says Firm’s […] ...

Algorand Looks to Prove Why Algoracle Is Needed in the Contemporary Blockchain and Crypto Sector

PRESS RELEASE. As the complexity of current dApps (decentralized applications) on Algorand grows, so must the infrastructure, notably oracles, to enable significantly higher and better feature sets. In the Algorand ecosystem, Algoracle’s opinions on off-chain computing are therefore worth discussing in key detail. What is it exactly? Since smart contracts are unable to access external […] ...

Derivatives Exchange Giant CME Group Adds 11 New Cryptocurrency Reference Rates

Global markets company and Chicago-based derivatives exchange CME Group plans to launch 11 new reference rates tied to specific crypto assets. The reference rates and real-time indices bolstered by CF Benchmarks are typically leveraged by exchange-traded products and other investment vehicles. 11 Crypto Assets Get Reference Rate Treatment From CME Group and CF Benchmarks […] ...
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