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The post AVAX, VGX, MATIC, DOT, and AXS Contend To Take Over the Sovereignty Under Top 10! appeared first on Coinpedia – Fintech & Cryptocurreny News Media| Crypto Guide

The crypto market has seen a pretty bearish move in November, owing to the US market inflation and Covid uncertainty. However, altcoins with a substantial market cap strive hard to uplift the global market cap with significant gains. Notably, AVAX, VGX, MATIC, DOT, and AXS chug up at a brisk rate to supersede the inert tokens under the top 10!

Avalanche (AVAX): 

Avalanche, a smart contract-capable blockchain network aims to burn a portion of transaction fees in order to squeeze tokens under circulation. According to protogonists across the crypto space, the Avalanche market cap would park its position underneath Solana in the short term. 

Avalanche Recent News:

  • The platform has recently achieved a total of 1 million total wallets on Avalanche C-chain (Contract chain).  
  • A reputed tech firm Deloitte has shown interest to collaborate with Ava labs to improvise transaction speed, security, and preciseness of Federal Emergency Management Agency reimbursements. 
  • On November 30th, the platform has accomplished bridging of 20 tokens worth more than 7 billion USD

After claiming an ATH of $146.22, the AVAX price has taken a short respite. However, the price has managed to find bullish momentum reaching $125.98 with 6% gains round the clock. While 200 day MA showcases a gradual upward move, the AVAX price would take another impulse move in the December run. 

Polygon (MATIC): 

Polygon has been one of the top-tier platform hosts NFT marketplace to enable traders to buy and sell NFTs with competitive fees. The platform would soon clutch the gears to move in an abrupt speed. 

Recent Updates on Polygon: 

  • A top tier digital asset market maker Wintermute announced a collaboration with Polygon network unveiling millions of users to the Web3. The ecosystem intends to fund $20 million to support the innovation and growth of the Polygon blockchain.
  • There have been speculations of launch of Coinbase NFT marketplace on Polygon blockchain. If the rumor comes to reality, it would give massive exposure to the network. 

The Matic price has been moving in a gradual upward channel claiming consequent higher lows. Moreover, the price would skyrocket to a new ATH, if it succeeds to break at a crucial resistance of $2.12 in the next couple of weeks.

Voyager (VGX): 

Voyager cryptocurrency intends to offer users a safe and secure access point to trade crypto tokens. The platform has been running lately in the limelight with a series of announcements with regard to collaborations and upgrades. 

Recent News on Voyager.

  • Voyager protocol is teaming up with Mastercard to launch its own Debit card. Users will be rewarded with over 9% of commision on Debit card usage. It could be used everwhere debit mastercard would be accepted. 
  • Coinbase shows keen interest to list VGX token in the near future. 

VGX price soared up to $5.02 with more than 22% gains round the clock. However, the price would acclaim immediate resistance of $6.2 if it carries forwards the momentum. In contrast, a rise in sell orders would plummet the price to $3.9. 

Collectively, the aforementioned altcoins hold the solid potential to breach new highs. In addition, Polkadot and Axie Infinity would further rise their bars to move towards new milestones. DOT price has recently broken out at one month low of $33.5 to reclaim a previous ATH. On the other hand, AXS price ensured a clear break out at $125 in order to resume its bull run.

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